Fourth Time’s the Charm?

Bonjour (again) !

Cheers to the birth of this blog! *toasts some glasses of champagne and then sheds a few tears of joy* Hahaha kidding! But before anything else, we have to, of course, start with the basics. I’m sure you’re probably wondering who this new girl is and what she’s doing on this platform. Well, to answer that and more, here are 12 facts about me:

12 Facts

  1. I’m Kim Mendoza, a 20-something-year-old Filipino-Chinese from Manila, Philippines.
  2. I took up European Studies, Major in International Business Track in Ateneo de Manila University, and I’m currently in the process of #adulting.
  3. I speak English, Filipino and conversational French.
  4. This is my fourth attempt to blog, Yes, you read that right! I started blogging when Multiply was still “The Platform.” I was fond of sharing anything and everything about my life to the point that even when I post photo albums, my supposedly short description turned into a narration of events. I transferred to Tumblr, but my then page only consisted of reblogs. Finally, in 2012, I pursued blogging (with breaks every now and then) because college life became hectic. I eventually decided to take an indefinite break (my blog description still says “Will be back soon. :)”) until I never got a chance to come back to it. (Note: don’t even try looking for it because it’s password protected now. 😉 )
  5. I love anything French, nautical, tropical (flamingos, pineapples, yas!), rose gold and copper.
  6. My dreams in life include: to visit, study, work and live in Paris. I’ve done three out of those. Can you guess which one I have yet to accomplish?
  7. I LOVE TRAVELING. I grew up exploring the ever-beautiful Philippines first before my mom finally took us around Asia, then the rest of the world. This is actually one of the reasons why I wanted to blog. I want to write about every thought, every feeling, every memory I had during a trip. By sharing about my adventures here, when I go back to read them, I will be able to remember the travels just as I experienced it.
  8. Fashion is another interest of mine. My personal Tumblr account was a collection of outfit and style inspirations, as well as my closet wishlist. I’ve always enjoyed looking through Lookbook and reading style blogs like those of Kayture, StyleScrapbook, Lust for Life, ThirstyThought and Camille Co Tries to Blog to name a few. I love how by just dressing up, one is able to express oneself, and even different versions at that.
  9. My favorite clothing brand is Z A R A ! ! !
  10. I like capturing photos and lots and lots of them. When I travel, I’d have a copy on my phone, my Instax camera, and my digital camera.
  11. Fries are my kryptonite (Exercise to eat extra fries!!! (Mendoza, 2016) Hahaha!). McDonald’s, Potato Corner, NYFD, and okay, all the good-looking and -tasting fries in the world.
  12. And because of #11 and also my love for food, I have a love-hate relationship with working out.

These are only a few things about myself, but hopefully, through my blog, you’ll get to know more about the crazy me. Stay tuned!

Bisous, Kim


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