Hi, Shanghai!

Ni hao !

First on my travel blog is a quick trip to Shanghai, China my family and I had last November 2016. We had originally intended to surprise my brother who was based there at the time we were booking tickets. BUT! The plan failed when he moved to Hong Kong a few months afterwards, so instead, it became a trip to catch up with family. Better luck next time, I guess? Hahaha Anyway, we didn’t have a strict itinerary, so we didn’t get to see and do as much. We did try some of the city’s best restaurants which I’ll be sharing with you soon. For now, enjoy a few Shanghai snaps!

Furry friend we met along the way.

50 Moganshan Road, or more popularly known as M50, is Shanghai’s Art District which houses galleries featuring Chinese contemporary and modern art, street art graffitis, as well as a few creative cafés, quirky shops and small restaurants. You can actually spend a whole afternoon (or even a day) just jumping from one studio to another, and you’d be sure to see something new and interesting.

One of my favorite finds!
With signs like these, would you just get lost or would you still find your way? Hehe

I didn’t take photos inside the galleries as we weren’t sure if it was allowed. If you plan on visiting, make sure to ask permission first! Otherwise, just take photos of the art outside. There are plenty anyway!


ribbed top: F21 | joggers: H&M/similar | sneakers: Adidas Superstars

Ugh. This place, I will definitely be going back to! If old Shanghai and new Shanghai had a baby, it would be Xin Tian Di. The facade and architecture of the buildings are still remnants of the Shikumen housing, so expect to see brick walls, vintage tiles and wooden features–a little European and romantic, if you ask me. You just can’t help but take photos of every corner because trust me, everything in Xin Tian Di is picturesque; it looks amazing during daytime as it is during nighttime. (TIP: There are several alleys you can find from the main road, and yes, they are perfect to take your #OOTDs in. You’re welcome! 😉 Haha!)

If you look close enough, you’d see a pair taking their OOTDs! Haha!


At the same time, these buildings are home to international stores and restaurants, which mostly have Western and modern concepts, thus, giving you the best of such contradicting worlds.


You will also be captured by the delicious smell of every. restaurant. you. come. across. I kid you not! It took us awhile before we picked a place because it seems that they were all offering great cuisines. Plus, you’ll also be amused by how aesthetically pleasing the interiors of each one looks!


Walking to The Bund looked like a scene straight out of an apocalypse movie, minus the running, of course. I say this because of the thickness of the crowd going to and fro the area, as in there were so many people that the roads had to be occupied as well. THAT MUCH PEOPLE. I don’t think there was even an inch of space between me and the next person.. I suggest passing by the roads parallel to the main road. That’s what we did going back, and it was faster and easier. It was probably just my family and 6 other people.

The Bund

Where do I even begin to describe our Shanghai Disneyland experience? I know I’ve said in my “About Me” page that I created this blog as a means to reminisce about l’inoubliable, but hopefully, not the ones that give you a headache! Then again, as Forrest Gump had said, “Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get!” HAHA I’M SO ANNOYING I KNOW. I’M SORRY. ANYWAY! Point is, let my terrible experience serve as an opportunity for you to have a better one!

I would like to also note that I’m not generalizing anything or making any conclusions based on what happened during our stay. It could be that we were just unfortunate to have gone through such circumstances on that particular day, and so, the same could not be said for others.

To make the long story short, here are the 4 events that prevented our day from being an enjoyable one:

  1. Before we even entered the park gates, we were welcomed by a few visitors spitting left and right.
  2. For countless times, we were pushed and cut in line by people, sans the apology.
  3. While waiting in line, we were preceded by a parent who let her kid pee in a small water bottle as they were walking and going with the flow of the line. #multitasking Yes, the kid failed to shoot. No, there were no tissue nor wipes used after. Yes, they touched those bars.
  4. My mom, brother 1 and I lined up for a ride while brother 2 and nephew bought popcorn for all of us since we haven’t eaten lunch and obviously, we were hungry. Of course, they’ll just follow us in line after buying food. After all, we did line up, and we’re family, so we go and wait together. But before they were able to come, came this mother and daughter. When my nephew and brother 2 had arrived, obviously, we called them to join us, which meant “””overtaking””” a few people. Perhaps thinking that my nephew and brother 2 had cut them beforehand, this mother and daughter kept trying to cut us throughout the wait– and that misunderstanding, we did consider. In fact, we would’ve let them go ahead since there were only 2 of them; that wasn’t a problem at all. What pissed us, however, was the way they were doing it: pushing us to get some space on the side (and you can actually see the mother pushing her own daughter against any one of us), standing really close, talking about us (we’re not just assuming, I swear. You can tell by their gestures and eye contact). To top it off, the daughter even took a photo of us. GUUURL?!? I was the only one facing towards their direction, so I saw her. I was wearing sunglasses so she might have thought I/we couldn’t see what she was doing. In the end, my mom got really pissed she talked to them. After that, they stayed behind, as in they let like 10 people go before them. Uhm really??? After all your effort?!?

The only tip I can give you? Just be very, very patient. It’s just a waste of energy to argue (but I don’t think it’s even possible because of the language barrier hahaha). Don’t let instances like these ruin your day or worse, your trip.  /end rant That was so long, I’m sorry. HAHA


The park’s newest attraction and the BEST RIDE: TRON Lightcycle Power Run


Straight out of a fairytale book
sunnies: Sunnies Studios | top: F21 | overall: Bershka/similar | sneakers: Adidas Superstars


For all you comic fans, you will definitely enjoy the Marvel Universe. Heck, I’m not even a hardcore fan, but I was such a kid on 7th heaven! I don’t think I’ve seen this yet in any of the other Disneyland Parks I’ve been to, so I was really excited. They have interactive games (like you get to be IronMan (!!!) (virtually) battling against enemies), meet and greets with superheroes, features on upcoming or currently shown MCU films, and many more!


Disneyland snacks are difficult to resist when they’re adorned with Disney characters. CUTE!!


Another one of our favorite rides but it was closed for the day. 😦
Jing-an Temple


Pardon my first travel and mini style post! Give me a little time to get used to blogging again. Hahaha I’ll be posting the restaurants we tried in Shanghai next. 🙂



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