Met Gala 2017 Favorites

THE Met Gala. The most awaited event for fashionistas, artists, fans, and even those who are just fascinated by all the glitz and glam. It’d be difficult to miss the headlines about the annual fundraising gala by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, unless of course, you’re living under a rock. This year was a tribute to Comme des Garçons founder and designer, Rei Kawakubo, who’s known for her nonconformity when it comes to her designs as she courageously challenges society’s standard definition for what is beautiful, male or female, or “normal” in fashion. The avant-garde dress code was therefore tricky and risky to pull off which would probably explain why most attendees opted for something safe. They say safe is boring, but I say, give safe a chance, and read on to see my favorite looks of the event!

Disclaimer: I am no professional or expert in the field of fashion and the arts. I am simply sharing my personal preferences and opinions for purposes of expression and/or entertainment.

10. Elle Fanning in Miu Miu

It seems that Elle Fanning came straight from Mount Olympus because she looked like a goddess in her powder blue chiffon dress. Either that, or she could also be a princess, perhaps Cinderella on her way to the ball? I love that she didn’t do anything dramatic, even with her makeup and hair; her look was youthful, glowing, and fresh, keeping it appropriate for her age.

Elle Fanning Miu Miu
Photo from British Vogue (REX)

9. Joan Smalls in customized Topshop

The lady in red will always turn heads, and Joan Smalls did. While many would easily take notice of her bright cherry-colored dress and the very sexy, deep neckline, my attention was captured by the contrast created by the chained hem details. Sometimes, it’s really the smallest details that make the look!!! On top of it all, she has a fierce look in her eyes and that #girlboss stance, just exuding edge, strength and confidence. You don’t mess with her.

Joan Smalls Topshop
Photo from British Vogue (REX)

8. Karlie Kloss in Carolina Herrera

I think it took me about three looks before I finally considered Karlie Kloss’ tuxedo dress as one of my favorites. It might have been too safe, I would say, because really, when can you ever go wrong with a suit? Okay, perhaps for this particular themed event, BUT she just owned it like she always does. Intentionally showing her inner crisp shirt through the neckline and the cuffs kept the classic piece from looking like just any other. Sleek and sharp from her hair down to her shoes–she, as others might say, SLAYED.

Karlie Kloss Carolina Herrera WWW
Photo from WhoWhatWear


7. Alexa Chung in Diane von Furstenberg

Yet another simple gown, though it’s difficult to ignore since Alexa Chung wore it so well! She gave a nod to vintage fashion with the dress’ polka dotted print and halter neckline. The cinched waist hugged her body enough to show some figure, avoiding what could’ve been mistaken for a night gown look.

Alexa Chung DVF
Photo from British Vogue (REX)

6. Jennifer Connelly in Louis Vuitton

When I saw this dress and those boots, all I could think of was, “BE MIIINE!!” One of my favorite clothing prints is tartan, so I was easily drawn to this outfit; and I don’t know if it’s just because of my blind eyes, but I also see hints of houndstooth print, which made the pattern look even more interesting. What else? The length, the turtleneck and the fabric used, they all added sprinkles to the already-pretty cake. Thank you, Nicolas Ghesquière.

Jennifer Connelly LV GI
Getty Images

5. Stacy Martin in Miu Miu

Nothing drastic about this look, I know, but that’s what I like about it though. Miu Miu’s muse (or Miu Miuse? Hehehe I can be annoying I know) just looked effortlessly elegant and dazzling in this beaded gown. Stacy Martin kept her hair and makeup as any French woman would: her locks a little messy, and her face au naturel but with emphasis on the eyes, of course. Très chic indeed!

Stacy Martin Miu Miu GI
Getty Images

4. Kerry Washington in Michael Kors

Kerry Washington wowed with this bold look, especially with that new hair! At first glance, you’d think the dress is simple because it’s “just a strappy black dress,” big deal. Look again because it’s all in the details. This number is adorned with various patterns, fabric materials and embellishments (studs, sequins, chains and whatnot)–all looking perfectly mismatched together, I’d say. Olivia Pope would be proud.

Kerry Washington Michael Kors
Photo from British Vogue (REX)

3. Diane Kruger in Prada

Neat, classy and regal. I don’t think there’s anything more to say.

Diane Kruger Prada GI
Getty Images

2. Miranda Kerr in Oscar de la Renta

I don’t think I’ll be alone in saying that the belle of the ball was Miranda Kerr. Okay, maybe in another ball since this ball’s theme was not exactly princess-y and sweetheart. But, I mean, how can you not talk about this dress?! The a-line ballgown perfectly accentuated her curves; the size was grand enough to call everybody and say, “Hey! I’m here!” but not too much that she got drowned in it; and lastly, the color of ruby and the print of a thousand flowers (or roses maybe?) made her bloom (hehe) amongst the crowd.

Miranda Kerr Oscar de la Renta WWW
Photo from WhoWhatWear

1. Selena Gomez in Coach

I am obsessed with this!!! The lace hem? Love. The beaded and sequined details? Love. The blush color? Love. The slit? Love. Selena Gomez’ look was very feminine and romantic, but at the same time, it has a subtle touch of sexy. Don’t you agree that it was the perfect outfit for her date with the Weeknd at the gala? 😉

Selena Gomez in Coach
Photo from British Vogue (REX)

I hope you like the same looks! I enjoyed looking through galleries and galleries of dresses and suits. I’m sorry if this is waaaay too late. I actually started working on it the moment they shared the photos, but I then got preoccupied to finish it. I’ll do better, promise! Hahaha! Till the next. ❤




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