Met Gala 2017 Favorites

THE Met Gala. The most awaited event for fashionistas, artists, fans, and even those who are just fascinated by all the glitz and glam. It’d be difficult to miss the headlines about the annual fundraising gala by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, unless of course, you’re living under a rock. This year was a tribute to Comme des Garçons founder and designer, Rei Kawakubo, who’s known for her nonconformity when it comes to her designs as she courageously challenges society’s standard definition for what is beautiful, male or female, or “normal” in fashion. The avant-garde dress code was therefore tricky and risky to pull off which would probably explain why most attendees opted for something safe. They say safe is boring, but I say, give safe a chance, and read on to see my favorite looks of the event!

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Hi, Shanghai!

Ni hao !

First on my travel blog is a quick trip to Shanghai, China my family and I had last November 2016. We had originally intended to surprise my brother who was based there at the time we were booking tickets. BUT! The plan failed when he moved to Hong Kong a few months afterwards, so instead, it became a trip to catch up with family. Better luck next time, I guess? Hahaha Anyway, we didn’t have a strict itinerary, so we didn’t get to see and do as much. We did try some of the city’s best restaurants which I’ll be sharing with you soon. For now, enjoy a few Shanghai snaps!

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